Pretty much any tooth can develop a cavity at any time. Of course, great dental care and oral hygiene can help prevent them, but there’s just no guarantee. Baby teeth and adult teeth are equally at risk.

If you or your child notices a cavity, or one is discovered during a check-up by Dr. Betty, one of the best solutions is to fill the cavity with what’s known as a composite filling.

What is a composite dental filling?

A composite filling is a resin that’s the same color as teeth. It’s used to fill in the cavity in a tooth.

Why would my child need a composite filling?

Cavities are areas of a tooth that have been eaten away by decay. They need to be treated sooner rather than later, as they will only get bigger. And bigger cavities might not be treatable with a composite filling, instead requiring a dental crown. There is also a risk of infection which could require a root canal to resolve.

What happens during a composite filling treatment?

  • Dr Betty will give your child’s teeth a good clean.
  • Your child’s mouth will be numbed to ensure your child’s comfort during the treatment. Please see our sedation section for options.
  • The decayed area of the tooth will be removed along with any damaged enamel (the outer layer of the tooth).
  • Cleansing and disinfecting of the area follows before the composite filling will be applied to the tooth a layer at a time.
  • Dr Betty will choose a resin that closely matches your child’s natural tooth color.
  • Once the tooth has been rebuilt, the composite filling is trimmed, and your child will be asked to mimic a biting motion to make sure the tooth is perfect.
  • The numbness in the mouth from the sedation will wear off in a few hours.

What are the benefits to my child of composite fillings?

  • Your child’s tooth will look and feel as good as new
  • Your child’s tooth will be free from decay
  • The filling will look natural, as it’s the same color as the tooth
  • The tooth will be stronger as composite fillings bond tightly to the enamel

Visiting Dr. Betty regularly to examine your child’s teeth can reduce the size and impact of cavities. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment