Non-Invasive Dentistry

Some of the tools of the dental trade can look pretty scary for youngsters (and adults too). But a new wave of minimally invasive treatments is changing all that. Here at Clover Kids Dentistry, we’re determined to give our young patients access to the latest and least invasive dental treatments such as:

ICON Resin Infiltration: Corrects white spots on teeth

What is it?

A minimally invasive restorative cosmetic dentistry for improving the appearance of white spots on teeth. These can be caused by plaque, acids, and bacteria infecting the tooth’s enamel. The result is white spots on the surface of the tooth that will not go away on there own.

What happens during ICON Resin Infiltration?

Pumice is used to clean the surface of the tooth, then the outer layer of enamel is removed. Ethanol is then applied, along with the resin infiltrant and allowed to soak in. The material is re-applied and any excess removed before a polishing of the tooth completes the treatment. All the above can usually be completed in 45 minutes to an hour.

Benefits of ICON Resin Infiltration

  • Less expensive and invasive than fillings or veneers
  • Quicker and easier treatment, so shorter waiting time
  • Bleaching can make hydro spots look worse, but when treated with Icon will whiten just like the natural tooth enamel
  • Regarded as a long term solution that lasts at least 2 years, and for up to 6 years


What is it?

A Hall Crown is an alternative cavity treatment that’s suitable for children as there’s no drilling or filling. It can be used to treat rear baby teeth that have mild decay.

How does the Hall technique work?

The cavity is encased beneath a pre-made crown which starves the bacteria in the cavity of access to its food supply, stopping the cavity from growing. It’s not suitable for all molar cavities but is a treatment option that’s worth discussing with Dr Betty. If cavities are too large, there won’t be enough healthy tooth to support the Hall crown. And if cavities are infecting the pulp, then traditional cavity treatments will be required.

To find out more about minimally invasive dental treatments for kids with the latest in pain-free dental treatments available today, contact Clover Kids Dentistry.