Sedation Dentistry

Some children may need more TLC (Tender Loving Care) to set them up for successful dental appointments or dental treatments.

Dr Betty provides Sedation Dentistry parents can trust. She will always consult with you, the parent, about the best way to help give your child the attention and treatment they need to make your them feel absolutely comfortable during procedures. Below are some of the Sedation Dentistry options you can consider.

Nitrous Oxide

It’s also known as “happy air” or “laughing gas.” Dr. Betty may recommend this option if your child is concerned about restorative treatments such as an extraction, filling, or crown.

Nitrous Oxide has been used for a long time in pediatric dentistry, and is a perfectly safe, mild, and effective sedative. It contains nitrogen and oxygen, both of which are present in the air we breathe every day. In dentistry, it’s delivered in a concentrated dose which relaxes your child and minimizes their gag reflex. Both of these factors help make their treatment safer and more effective, and will also reduce the amount of time the treatment takes.

Oral Conscious Sedation

This is a moderate form of sedation that can help children who are anxious about their dental treatment, or who might not be able to sit still during their appointment. Oral Conscious Sedation allows the child to feel very relaxed, sometimes sleepy but they usually stay awake and watch TV peacefully while dental treatment is being completed. It enables more treatment to be achieved at one visit, thus fewer visits to Clover Kids Dentistry for you.

GeneralΒ Anesthesia

If Oral Conscious Sedation is not an option, or if your child has multiple treatment needs, or is extremely anxious at the prospect of visiting the dentist, General Anesthesia could be the correct form of sedation. Your child will be able to sleep through their entire treatment, under the watchful eye of the medical anesthesia team. Several or all procedures can be carried out, saving you and your child from having to make multiple trips to our office.

To discuss the suitability of Sedation Dentistry for your child, please contact us.