Custom Mouthguards

Mouthguards for Sports

Playing sports is an essential part of schooling for many kids. Unfortunately, some sports, especially football, soccer, and hockey, pose a risk of breakage or damage to kids’ teeth. A bad tackle, accidental contact, or a ball or puck flying in the wrong direction can spoil a smile.

Let your child take to the field in confidence and style with a custom mouthguard shaped to fit and protect your child’s teeth.

High five from happy child dentist patient

Dr. Betty Yip likes nothing more than protecting the teeth of the whole team, especially with team colors!  Professional athletes wear mouthguards, and we know how much kids want to be like their heroes they see on the TV or in the stadium; so get your kid’s mouthguard measured and made at Clover Kids Dentistry!

Mouthguards for Sleep

Mouthguards also have a role to play away from the sports field. At night, they can be used to combat your child’s teeth grinding and clenching while they sleep, and can even reduce snoring.

How to Get a Mouthguard for Your Child

Book your child an appointment with Dr. Betty for an assessment and fitting, and the following will happen:

  • An impression of your child’s mouth is taken
  • A stone cast of your child’s teeth is created
  • A thermoplastic material is placed over the cast
  • The resulting appliance is trimmed to ensure a comfort fit

Mouthguards should always be made to custom-fit over your child’s teeth. This ensures they grip well and won’t fall out. Dr. Betty has plenty of experience of carrying out the measuring, making, and fitting required in production. They are safe, comfortable, and won’t fall out, so your child can score and celebrate that touchdown or goal with complete confidence.

Personalization Options

Your child can even design their own mouthguard. Protect your healthy smile with style!

  • Choose your colors
  • Choose your design
  • Add stickers
  • Add numbers

Protect your child’s teeth from life’s curve balls and help them enjoy better quality sleep. Schedule an appointment at Clover Kids Dentistry in Arvada, CO by clicking here!

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