Top 10 Reasons to choose Dr.Betty

  1. Dr. Betty loves helping kids and young adults get their brightest, healthiest smile.
  2. Dr. Betty’s first job was in the culinary industry, working for top chefs. She opened and operated a bakery.
  3. Dr. Betty sings songs like “Wheels on the Bus” and “A Part of Your World”
  4. Dr. Betty speaks many languages and is really good with accents!
  5. Dr. Betty loves baking cookies, scones, and sourdough bread.
  6. Dr. Betty’s favorite snacks are animal crackers and Nutella.
  7. Dr. Betty loves animals, especially dogs, cats, and pot-bellied pigs.
  8. Dr. Betty studied abroad in France and Hong Kong and has visited over 25 countries.
  9. Dr. Betty was a judge for a pie contest. She tasted a lot of pie that day!
  10. Dr. Betty loves hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park and Banff.
Dr. Betty Yips Background and Biography

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