Infant & Toddler Care

Between the ages of one and three, kids are starting to become aware of just how much fun (and how tasty) the world can be. It’s also the time when the first teeth break through—a good time to book your child’s first appointment at Clover Kids Dentistry!

What happens during my child’s first dental check up?

Usually, dental appointments early in your child’s development will involve Dr Betty checking visible teeth, ensuring proper alignment and checking for signs of decay. It’s OK for children who are just one or two years old to sit on your lap during the check-up and teeth clean. As they grow up, they can sit in the dental chair for their treatment.

Dr. Betty Yip in Pediatric Dental Office with Happy Mom and Child

Advice on Infant Dental Care

You’ll no doubt be as keen as we are to keep track of your tiny one’s teeth as they grow. Dr. Betty is happy to show you how to look after your kid’s teeth and mouth, as that first tooth soon gets joined by more and more and more. They grow up fast, and before you know it, they’ll be able to look after their own teeth! But until then, it’s good to know how to avoid cavities and to promote your child’s oral health. So just ask Dr. Betty.

To book a relaxing, kid-friendly check up for your 1 to 3-year-old child with Dr. Betty, please click here. If you’re a new patient, Dr. Betty is offering the first check up “FREE Under 3!”

We Believe In Making a Difference

Stop in or call our office to meet Dr. Betty and tour our 
facility. She’s on a mission to nurture healthy smiles for 
life, and provide non-judgmental, affordable, pediatric 
dental services, with a particular focus on preventive 
dentistry and patient/parent education.

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