Root Canals

If your child has an infected adult tooth, timely intervention with root canal therapy is essential for protecting their smile. At Clover Kids Dentistry, Dr. Betty is here to help. We offer minimally-invasive root canal therapy to restore your child’s smile and bite, and preserve their oral health for years to come. Learn more below, or contact us now for a consultation.

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is used to treat infected primary and adult teeth. Teeth usually become infected due to an extensive, untreated cavity that eats through the hard, outer layers of the tooth, and exposes the vulnerable “pulp” inside the tooth. However, dental trauma like a slip and fall can also crack or break the tooth, leading to an infection.

When the pulp becomes infected, the blood vessels and nerves that keep your child’s tooth alive will begin to die. Eventually, this results in the death and permanent loss of the tooth. A root canal is used to avoid this.

Root canal therapy involves creating an opening in the tooth, removing decayed material, sanitizing the interior of the tooth, then filling and restoring the tooth to protect it from further damage. With proper care, this restored tooth can last a lifetime.

Signs Your Child Needs Root Canal Therapy

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Signs of an infected tooth due to a cavity are usually fairly easy to recognize. Your child may complain of a sensitive tooth, or pain and discomfort that persist for multiple days. Any serious tooth pain demands immediate attention from a dentist, so contact our team right away for an appointment.

In addition, if your child has recently experienced a serious dental injury like a cracked or damaged tooth, they may need to have their tooth inspected at our office to check for an infection.

What to Expect: The Root Canal Therapy Process

Dr. Betty will begin by cleaning your child’s mouth and numbing the treatment area. Your child can also be sedated during this process for their comfort. After this, Dr. Betty will use a dental drill to remove damaged enamel and make an opening in the surface of the tooth.

Through this opening, a variety of dental tools will be used to clean away decayed pulp from the interior of the tooth and to sanitize and clean the tooth. Once this process is complete, the tooth will be flushed with disinfectant.

At this point, it will be restored. Dr. Betty will fill the tooth up with biocompatible medicament which replaces the missing pulp and strengthens the tooth. Finally, the tooth will be capped with a crown or a filling, protecting it from further damage.

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