Adolescent Care

Teens and their teeth certainly take some looking after. It’s a time of life where it’s getting harder for parents to track what their kids are eating and drinking. Soft drinks and sports drinks are popular with this age group; but as you know, many of these have high sugar content that can cause tooth decay and cavities. Hassles from teeth are the last things kids this age need.

Arranging an appointment at Clover Kids Dentistry at least every six months will help Dr. Betty keep an eye on your kid’s oral health as they transition from young kids to young adults.

The importance of regular visits

It’s important to keep trips to the dentist a regular occurrence to maintain oral health and avoid your child developing any future anxieties about dental visits. We’ll happily help your kids look after their teeth all through school and college.

How Dr. Betty helps adolescents

Dr. Betty is here to provide reassurance and professional advice as baby teeth come out and are replaced by adult teeth. These teeth sometimes need help to grow straight, and Dr. Betty can refer your child to a nearby orthodontic specialist or endodontist for further treatment if required.

Dr. Betty Yip performing dentistry on happy child | Arvada, CO

Oral issues affecting adolescents

As your children get older, they’ll be more interested in hygiene and may become self-conscious about their smile. They might require early braces or encounter periodontal disease and cavities. Your child might also be involved in contact sports and require a mouth guard to protect their teeth from damage during football, soccer, or hockey practice or games. This is a particular area of interest for Dr Betty. So if you or your whole team want to make sure you can leave the pitch at the end of the game with a great looking smile (win or lose), reach out to us today!

How you can help your child

It’s important for your child to maintain healthy eating habits to protect their teeth. As their parent, we will give you advice about your kids’ oral health and answer questions you might have. Questions such as, “Is it OK for my kid to chew gum?” (Answer: Sure, especially sugar-free gum, as it promotes the formation of saliva which is a natural teeth cleaner. Plus, it can help with bad breath.)

What happens during an adolescent dental appointment?

We’ll typically carry out a thorough assessment of your child’s mouth, using dental X-rays if required. Should there be issues requiring attention, we’ll work out a treatment plan and discuss it with you.

Isn’t a teenager a bit old to see a pediatric dentist?

Not at all. We’re hoping you’ll keep bringing your kids to us for dental treatment until they head off to college or out to work. Maintaining a long-term relationship will enable us to develop an understanding of your child’s oral health and develop levels of trust and comfort that are vital to making trips to the dentist as hassle-free as possible.

Referrals to dental specialists

It’s quite possible that we could refer your child to a specialist for further treatment. Thankfully, there are dental specialists located in the same plaza as Clover Kids Dentistry who can offer your child the following services:

  • Orthodontics
  • ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat)
  • Speech Therapy
  • Sleep Specialists
  • General Dentist
  • Oral Surgeon

To book your teen’s first (or next) dental appointment at Clover Kids Dentistry, call (720) 805-0707 or use our quick contact form.

We Believe In Making a Difference

Stop in or call our office to meet Dr. Betty and tour our facility. She’s on a mission to nurture healthy smiles for life! She will provide non-judgmental and affordable pediatric dental services with a particular focus on preventive dentistry and patient/parent education.

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