Dental Emergencies

Same Day Appointments

Clover Kids Dentistry provides emergency dental care and treatment when your child needs it most. Quick and professional treatment from a pediatric dentist can make all the difference between your child keeping or losing a tooth. Plus, we can be there to minimize your child’s oral discomfort or pain. We encourage you to call Clover Kids Dentistry in the case of dental emergencies if you are in the Arvada area.


What to do in a dental emergency?

CALL US—tell us what’s happened and that you need an urgent, same day appointment. Teeth that have been knocked out need to be treated within 2 hours.

IF THERE’S BLEEDING—use paper towels, cotton balls, or gauze if you have any. Any of these should stop the worst of the bleeding within an hour.

IF THERE’S SWELLING—apply an ice pack externally.

IF YOUR CHILD IS IN PAIN—give them some medicine (maybe Tylenol or Motrin) to help reduce their discomfort.

These are short-term measures you can take during the time between the event and getting professional pediatric dental treatment.

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What classifies as a dental emergency?

Here at Clover Kids Dentistry, we regard all of the following as dental emergencies for which you should seek our urgent help:

Tooth knocked out

In such cases, your child will need dental treatment within 2 hours of the tooth being knocked out. This will give Dr. Betty the best chance of successfully re-implanting the tooth. Assuming the knocked out tooth can be recovered, be careful not to touch the root. The tooth should be rinsed with warm water and ideally reinserted into the socket. If that’s not possible, put the tooth in a bag of cold milk and get to Clover as soon as you can. It’s just as important for baby teeth to be replaced as it is adult teeth..

Damaged or cracked tooth

Whether it’s an injury on the sports field or an accident at home, a cracked or damaged tooth is a cause for concern. Be sure to help your child rinse their mouth with warm water to cleanse the area. An ice pack is good for reducing swelling.

Long-lasting toothache

Try rinsing your child’s mouth with warm water when they first report a toothache. You can also try flossing to remove any food that might be trapped between teeth or under the gum line. If neither of those relieves the pain, there could be a more serious cause (like a cavity,) so it’s time to book an emergency appointment at Clover Kids Dentistry to get your child’s mouth checked out.

Trapped food

Only try and dislodge the food yourself using dental floss, not anything sharp. If you can’t shift the food, it’s time to book a consultation at Clover Kids Dentistry as soon as you can.

Wounds to gums, tongue, cheeks, lips

Thankfully, most oral wounds are usually minor and can be treated at home by cleaning the affected area and using paper towels, cotton balls, or gauze to stop the bleeding. More serious wounds are likely to keep bleeding for longer and could require stitches. Of course, these should only be applied by a trained professional. So call Clover Kids Dentistry or take your child to an urgent care center.

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Same Day Appointments

Dr. Betty always leaves space in her appointments diary for dental emergencies so your child can receive same day emergency dental treatment in Arvada. In the event of a dental emergency, call Clover Kids Dentistry at (720) 805-0707.

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