Meet the Team

Arcea Chavez Front Office Coordinator

Arcea Chavez

Front Office Coordinator

Hi, my name is Arcea and I will be the first to welcome you to Clover Kids Dentistry! I was born and raised in San Jose, California, but I have been living in Colorado for many years. My husband and I love trying new restaurants around Denver and hanging out in our backyard with our three dogs. My hobbies include reading, drawing, listening to music, and re-watching Marvel movies and TV shows. Kids are full of energy and fun to work with especially when they share their special interests with us. I am so proud to be part of Clover Kids! I love working with an awesome team whose energy contributes greatly to the positive experiences our patients and their families have at Clover Kids.

Noemi Granillo Dental Assistant

Noemi Granillo

Dental Assistant

Hello! I’m Noemi and I am a dental assistant at Clover Kids Dentistry. I was born and raised in Fort Morgan, CO. My family means the world to me! I’m one of out of seven kids: five boys and two girls. I am a bonafide dog person and love Alpha, my Husky-German Shepard. I love spicy food and of course working with kids! Every time I mention that I work with kids, I always get quizzical looks and the usual: “Why do you like working with kids? I could never!” My immediate thought is: Why wouldn’t you like working with kids?! Every child is wonderfully unique! All the funny personalities keep my team and I on our toes during the exciting work day. Although working with children is not easy, it is unbelievably rewarding. Nothing is more gratifying than getting to know a child, forming a connection, building trust, and making them feel at ease in an unknown environment. Our greatest reward is helping these children get the best, healthy smiles in a fun and comfortable space!

Masha Kayrevich, Dental Assistant

Masha Kayrevich

Dental Assistant

Hey hey! My name is Masha and I was born in Russia and raised in Colorado. One of my favorite things to do is paint and spend time with my kitty Miko. I love snacking on vegetables and Australian licorice. My favorite Disney movies are “Princess and the Frog” and “Moana.” I love working at Clover Kids Dentistry because I love seeing each child grow and flourish differently. I love every new personality and making children feel great about going to the dentist! C.S. Lewis once wrote “Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are THE MOST important work.” Kids bring joy and sunshine into the world; they are like little versions of ourselves. I love making connections with the kiddos I work with and I am proud to call that my job!

Sierra Wheatley Clover Kids Dental Assistant

Sierra Wheatley

Dental Assistant

Hello! My name is Sierra and I love being a Dental Assistant at Clover Kids Dentistry. I love green tea and my favorite Disney movie is Lilo and Stitch. Growing up and living my whole life in Colorado has been filled with many adventures. My family and I enjoy dirt biking, camping, and travelling to other destinations. Growing up, my parents always inspired me to do my best and gave me opportunities to do that. After finishing high school and entering the dental world I knew I wanted to work with children so here I am! I love the personalities of each child and being able to teach them the importance of oral hygiene care in a fun way with such a fun team! For some, the dentist can be frightening but at Clover, we ensure all our kiddos are super comfortable and look forward to coming back. We love taking care of their healthy smiles!

Maggie Lordan

Front Office Reception

Hi! My name is Maggie and I was born and raised in Colorado. One magical thing I love about Colorado is seeing the beautiful mountains that surround us every day. One of my favorite things to do is to go on scenic walks and enjoy nature. I also spend a lot of time volunteering and leading youth events at my church. I love working with children because it’s more than just getting the job done. It’s about making connections, creating wonderful experiences, and seeing happy smiles. Teaching children about taking care of their teeth and seeing how enthusiastic they are in learning new skills is extremely rewarding. I love working at Clover Kids Dentistry because coming to work is exciting!



Kate Ferguson Clover Kids Intern

Kate Ferguson

Clover Kids Intern

Hello, my name is Kate! I am a Colorado native, hailing from Golden and Arvada. I love babies and kids! Growing up, I was always the one holding the babies and taking care of the kids during social and church gatherings. Growing up in Colorado, I spend a lot of time outdoors with my large family. I enjoy going for walks along Clear Creek in Golden, hiking to St. Mary’s Glacier, camping, dirt biking, and riding my longboard. We have two dogs, Bentley and Kona. I truly enjoy the positive and fun work environment at Clover Kids. One of Dr. Betty’s goals is to create an environment that makes children look forward to coming to the dentist. Whether I’m writing new patient cards, or counting how many candy corn we can fit into a jar, there is always something new to look forward to and something that will help the kids leave with a smile.

Kristopher Mendoza, DDS Dental Anesthesiologist, Rocky Mountain Dental Anesthesia

Kristopher Mendoza, DDS

Dental Anesthesiologist, Rocky Mountain Dental Anesthesia

Hello! My name is Dr. Kristopher Mendoza and I am a Board Certified Dentist Anesthesiologist. I attended UCLA School of Dentistry for dental school and residency in Dental Anesthesiology. Following residency, I moved to Colorado in order to spend as much time in the mountains as possible. I decided to become an anesthesiologist because I love to work with kids and help them to get the care they are otherwise unable to receive. Since moving here, I have been lucky enough to work with Dr. Betty Yip and I love to help facilitate her work of creating beautiful smiles for the Clover Kids!

Bailey Kowalczyk Anesthesia Assistant, Rocky Mountain Dental Anesthesia

Bailey Kowalczyk

Anesthesia Assistant, Rocky Mountain Dental Anesthesia

Hello! My name is Bailey and I am the Anesthesia Assistant for Dr. Kristopher Mendoza. Prior to working with RMDA, I was a full-time nanny for two years. I absolutely love kids, and have so much fun working with them and hearing all of their creative stories! Working with Clover Kids Dentistry has been such a positive and fun experience. Dr. Betty and her staff are so kind, welcoming, and patient. I enjoy seeing the connections she has with all of her patients, and truly look forward to the days I work at Clover! Outside of work, I am a full-time professional trail runner for Salomon and have a puppy named Mowgli. I have lived in Colorado for 6.5 years, and could not see myself anywhere else. I enjoy running, hiking, biking and skiing in my free time. In the next 1-2 years, I will be starting school to become a Physician Assistant.

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